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Problem: Set up Windows Mail Account (Vista)

Start Windows mail and select Tools->Optionstoolsoptions
Uncheck the two fields "Send and receive messages at startup" and "Check for messages every..."  This is to insure that mail will not be read until we have finished setting up.

Click Apply then OK.
Now select Tools->Accounts
Select Add... 
Select E-mail Account. Click Next.
Enter the name you want to be shown to the receiver of your mail.
Click Next.
Enter your E-mail address. Click Next.
Enter the POP3 address and the SMTP address. Be sure to check that the "Outgoing server requires authentication".
Click Next.
Enter your E-mail address and password. Check "Remember password".
Click Next.
Check "Do not download my e-mail at this time."
Click Next.
You should now see mail.flyhoopty.com in the accounts list. Highlight it and click on Properties.
Click on the Advanced tab. Under Delivery check all three blocks and set the number of days to any number you like. I like 30.
Click Apply
Click OK
Now click Tools->Message Rules and Click Mail.
Select New... to start a new rule.
Look down the list in Item 1. until you find "Where the Message is from the specified account". Click on the word Specified in item 3. From the drop down account list choose mail.flyhoopty.com.
In Item 2 check "Move to the specified folder". Click on Inbox and then New Folder. Create 1-flyhoopty.  The 1- makes it come right under the Inbox to find it easily if you have a lot of sub folders.
Finally replace the Name "New Mail Rule... in Item 4 with your own name "Flyhoopty"
Click OK enough times to return to the main mail window.
Now recheck the Items that were Unchecked in the first boxes above by clicking Tools->Options.
Check the two fields "Send and receive messages at startup" and "Check for messages every..."  
Click Apply
Click OK.
You should now begin receiving your mail in the 1-flyhoopty folder.
Sending mail through flyhoopty.  Click on Create Mail in the New message you will see a "From:" line click the little dropdown arrow on the right and select flyhoopty as the sender. This mail will be sent through their mail server.
Continue preparing the mail as you normally would.